BIM Brokering for Manufacturers


BIM brokering is aimed at companies which have already developed a BIM catalogue, as well as those starting out in BIM, and have not yet found a client or market that requires their products in such a format. Our wide network of contacts which include professionals, local and international offices, gives us a wider area of influence in the BIM market.

This service helps to position a brand in architectural, or engineering offices, as well as construction companies, by recommending the use of the best product suited for their BIM projects in a B2B (Business to Business) manner. With such a service, manufacturing companies will have the opportunity to get their products directly specified in projects.

We offer:

  • To get manufacturing companies in touch with potential clients that require BIM product files for their projects.
  • We recommend and counsel offices about the use of the most adequate product BIM file through our consulting service.
  • We reach out to the professional users in our database, and notify them about the new BIM catalogues that are available.
  • Develop market studies, and detect new business opportunities to participate in BIM projects.
  • Technical and legal consulting for product manufacturers participating in BIM projects.
  • A report of impact and efficiency, where we inform about the professional´s acceptance (prior consent) and the inclusion of the BIM file /catalogue in a project.
  • We include client and project information, with prior consent, ​in our “Product request” service.

This service is provided in full confidentiality and assures personal data protection for professionals, as well as intellectual and industrial property rights for manufacturing companies.

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Marketing de componentes BIM para prescripción de productos en proyectos de construcción.

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