BIM catalogue financing

El toro de la financiacion BIM

500.000 € in BIM Catalogue Financing.

Everyday more construction industry professionals demand product catalogues in BIM format in order to better specify their projects.

If you are a construction product manufacturing company and have not yet developed your product catalogue in BIM format, and can help you become BIM-Ready.

We have opened a 500.000 € fund for developing BIM Catalogues. This fund is intended to get construction industry professionals to specify their projects with your brand-name products.

Why do we finance BIM catalogues?

  • We believe in joining the supply and demand factors of BIM product files to benefit both industry sectors: construction industry professionals and product manufacturers.
  • Help the product manufacturing company access the BIM (Building Information Modeling) environment, increasing their potential at home and abroad, through the financing of their product´s catalogue.
  • Promote BIM technology in the construction industry.
  • Increase availability of manufacturer-specific BIM content/objects.
  • Create easier access to BIM content/objects to construction industry professionals, which improves their work performance.
  • Incite the production chain of manufacturing companies to promote their growth, innovation, and competitiveness at home and abroad.

In this example, see how ACME Co. financed its BIM catalogue


BIM download performance

Be part of BIM´s cycle of information.

With BIM Catalogue financing, and your participation as a manufacturing company, we can help improve the information flow to better specify BIM projects.


In and we place BIM at your side by being committed to bringing you quality BIM content.

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