BIM Content Marketing

Depending on the resources that the company may want to include, and the desired objectives, content will be developed. Such content may be in the form of an article in a particular blog, posting on social media sites, press releases, or renderings. This will be defined in the Creative Stratedy phase, and the themes to be developed will be selected on these three factors:

  • Defined SEO and Keyword strategy.
  • Interest in particular themes (online) – for strategic reasons.
  • Creative proposals that include collaboration between the marketing and Manufacturers in BIM.

Desired objectives may be that of generating more segmented online traffic, reaching online authority status, generating trust online, receiving user feedback , or having more presence in specific communities.

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Development (and editing) of text and graphics.

Manufacturers in BIM, based on a defined stratedy, will develop press releases, articles for online publishing, and renderings that promote virality and stand out on feeds and online searches.

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Development (and production) of audiovisual content.

Youtube being the second most important search engine (Google being the first), and video formats being more prefered and easier to index; we recommend considering video development on youtube as part of a content strategy.

Some types of videos that work well for product manufacturing companies are: tutorials on the use of their BIM files, interviews or documentaries about the use of BIM in that company, BIM catalogue promotion, or other videos with interesting subject matter promoted by the company.

Examples of some types of promotional videos:

Examples of video tutorials, which can also be used as reference material, training, or other educational material that can be included in BIM content:

Examples of BIM video interviews that are sponsored by a PMC:

Sample video tutorials, ideal for showing BIM object project instructions, sponsored by the company:

Marketing de componentes BIM para prescripción de productos en proyectos de construcción.

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