BIM Institutions

There are now many diverse institutions, national and international, that support and promote Building Information Modeling Technology, or BIM. The reason for supporting BIM is because of the potential that it brings to construction development projects and high degree of efficiency and coordinated information on each stage of project development or execution.

With each advance in this field, institutions are charged with overseeing that this process has the best guarantees, and that it is done in a continuous collaborative environment with software manufacturers, AEC professionals, and construction product manufacturers.

Some of the most relevant and important institutions that support and promote BIM adoption are listed below:

Building Smart Alliance (International – USA)
Previously known as the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI), BuildingSMART is dedicated to the development of open BIM systems and standards for project development. Promotes BIM and its IFC format. There are already many countries with local BuildingSMART chapters.
Canada BIM Council (Canada)
Organization that informs, regulates BIM in Canada.
Australian Institute of Architects (Australia)
Institute that promoted BIM advances and coherence with the rest of the construction industry disciplines. Offers certification.
Associated General Contractors of America (USA)
Association that promotes advances in BIM ant its integration to the construction industry. It offers BIM Management certification that includes: BIM technology, Risk allocation, and processes, adoption and integration.
National BIM Standard (USA)
An initiative of the National Institute of Building Sciences that has developed BIM standards for the AEC industry.
U.S. General Services Administration (USA)
Manages resources, techniques, and new solutions to the services industry. Has integrated BIM methodology as a base for promoting efficient and sustainable services.
The American Institute of Architects (USA)
Comprises everything related to architecture in the U.S. Has integrated BIM and promotes it to its members through articles, seminars, and case studies.
American Society of Civil Engineers (USA)
Promotes BIM in the engineering field. The ASCE includes BIM development themes as part ot its seminars.
American Institute of Steel Construction (USA)
Is composed of steel construction product manufacturers and is committed to keeping up with the latest advances in construction techniques, BIM being one of them. It develops information standards for the steel industry alongside NBIMS-US.​
US Army Corps of Engineers (USA)
Engineering in civil and military applications. Has created a BIM knowledge center in its technical support. It currently develops all projects with BIM.
National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA)
Develops standards for all types of applications. Includes BIM as part of its product and material processes.
Federation Française du Batiment (France)
The federation is active in promoting BIM in france as well as collaborating with other institutions.
The Royal Institute of British Architects (UK)
RIBA has published BIM guidelines for professionals and constantly updates BIM advances via news articles or semminars.
National Building Specification (UK)
Develops specifications for many different areas in construction in the United Kingdom. It has developed PAS 1192-2 which specifies requirements for achieving building information modelling Level 2.

Manufacturers in BIM hopes that more institutions will support BIM technology, committed on developing new and more efficient information and coordination methodologies.

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