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The current state of the construction industry market presents many opportunities. BIM is becoming a common requirement for construction processes around the world, and this leads to a growing demand for BIM content and offers a new unique way to reach out to potential clients. Product manufacturing companies should react quickly and develop a BIM marketing strategy, in accordance with market demands, when its still relatively easy to become competitive in a BIM environment, and position themselves as market leaders.

BIM has opened new communication channels between product manufacturing companies, and professionals who specify products in projects can take advantage of this over their competition who does not work in BIM. BIM is currently maturing, promotional venues and BIM marketing are still emerging, pushed by the surge in this technology.

The above statement presents a great opportunity for Online marketing. It energizes content publishing, social media, and traditional ads, adwords, ans SEO, where good positioning is based on originality, relevance, web history, content quality/quantity, and competitor´s content. For example, to try and position the phrase “my product” may be hard to achieve since there is much competition on that subject already. The same might be said for some themes related to “my product”, but others may not be saturated and may allow room for growth. Additionally, if we add the BIM factor to these themes, then it is a recipe for success.

In other words, BIM is currently at a key moment where it’s on the cusp of becoming a standard, and there are still many opportunities to get ahead of the competition with relateve ease. This moment represents an opportunity, where timing is crucial, since competition gets generated rather quickly and the first ones to position themselves benefit the most.

In this sense, the 10 year experiece of our team in consulting, BIM catalogue development, and market research, guarantees a comprehensive evaluation for a manufacturing company which leads to an effective BIM marketing strategy.

In order to help the manufacturing company grow, we offer the following services:

Marketing de componentes BIM para prescripción de productos en proyectos de construcción.

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