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BIM Search engine positioning.

It is recommended that all developed content included in the marketing strategy is optimized correctly for Google positioning, in order to generate the most segmented traffic and identify what the user is looking for. For this reason, SEO strategy sets parameters on how the generated content should perform.

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Current company SEO auditing.

Manufacturers in BIM will coordinate with the manufacturing company on updating its current SEO to take advantage of new opportunities in BIM positioning while reinforcing its current status.

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Competitor analysis.

Competitors will be analyzed to detect their strengths, weaknesses, and map out opportunities and difficulties when competing with them over BIM content.

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Keyword search and strategy.

Manufacturers in BIM will coordinate with the manufacturing company will develop a list of phrases that may be suitable for search engine positioning. These will be refined depending on their performance, results, and competitiveness. The objective for these phrases is to turn out a high volume of traffic and work as part of the overall marketing strategy.

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Internal (In-page) SEO.

Web pages generated in collaboration with Manufacturers in BIM, whether they are in the company´s domain or on one of Manufactuers in BIM´s channels, will be optimized with the developed keywords and phrases based on the defined strategy.

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External (off-page) SEO.

Developed SEO will be monitored. Its performance will ensure and define, or redefine, results. Monthly summaries will be submitted to the manufacturing company.

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Follow-up , analysis, and performance reporting.

The behaviour of the developed content will be monitored in order to ensure the best performance. Monthly reports will be issued.

Marketing de componentes BIM para prescripción de productos en proyectos de construcción.

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