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Promotion of a Manufacturers BIM content in´s user base.

Promotion of developed BIM content with Manufacturers in BIM is done through´s user base, by email notifications, banners, and social media channels. has a user base of registered BIM professionals from over 60 countries.

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Promotion of a Manufacturers BIM content in Bimetica´s BIM channel.

Specialized forums, Blogs, and various platforms. Manufacturers in BIM, in coordination with the manufacturing company, promotes the manufacturer´s BIM catalogue and multimedia content (Press releases, videos, images, articles, etc) through Bimetica´s own channels as well as third parties, in order to reach all desired virtual communities.

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Follow-up and analysis and performance report.

Content evolution and behaviour is monitored in order to better its performance.

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Social Media promotion.

We will promote different campaigns throughout Manufacturers in BIM and Bimetica´s social media venues, sending an adequate message for each market niche.

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Marketing de componentes BIM para prescripción de productos en proyectos de construcción.

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