BIM Support Services for Manufacturers


The demand for the role of BIM Product Manager is growing due to the increase of BIM projects and the number of manufacturing companies that are actively involved in projects with their BIM products.

This situation generates a need to keep up to date BIM catalogues, and also offer technical assitance to professionals or offices that work with manufacturer´s BIM files.


BIM Catalogue Maintenance.

Its is based on 2 key points:

  • Keeping graphical,technical and commercial updated within the file.
  • Update the BIM file to the latest version of the software that it was developed in.

BIM Catalogue use in BIM projects

It is common that manufacturing companies come accross one these situations:

  • Receiving Questions like: How to use the BIM file properly, How to work with the product, and how to extract information from the file.
  • The professional user is faced with a particular in-project situation and requires technical expertise to adapt, or resolve the issue, with the BIM file. These types of situations require a unique solution per case.

Customer assistance

Manufacturers in BIM can offer its support to a manufacturing company´s clients in a confidential and personalized manner through:

  • Telephone asistance at +34 932 267 322.
  • Videoconference
  • A special email address dedicates only to the company´s custromer BIM issues. Example: “”

For more information call us at +34 932 267 322 or send us an email to

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