BIM training for Manufacturers


A BIM catalogue is a first glance into a company and its products. This is why quality is necessary to project a good company image. However, if a company does not have the right skill and know-how in key areas, there is a risk of loosing potential sales.

In Manufacturers in BIM, we offer specialized services in BIM training to product manufacturing companies. Such services are aimed the three most fundamental areas/departments withing a company.

Technical department: Training is focused in this department so that a company might gain the knowledge and know how to handle product information to include in a BIM project.

Technical know-how and information quality assurance can allow specialized people from the company to edit, lock, or expand information in existing BIM files that are, or will be, included in BIM projects.

Marketing department: A BIM file is a promotional tool for a company. This is why the marketing department should be aware of the implications of working in BIM and its influence on the industry.

Sales department: Company sales teams should be prepared to work in a growing BIM environment. BIM training prepares them to be able to detect potential clients, solve issues with existing clients, and offer BIM solutions suited for each need.

First Module (4 hrs)

  • 1 h – What is BIM? – History of the transition from CAD to BIM.
  • 1 h – Work methodology/standards.
  • 1:30 h – BIM content and why is it an important issue for product manufacturers.
  • 30 min – BIM Legality and Standards.

Second Module (4hrs)

  • 4 hs – Popular BIM software.
  • Revit (1h).
  • Archicad (1h).
  • Allplan (1h).
  • AECOsim (1h).

Third Module (4hrs)

  • 1 h – Where is BIM now and what is expected in the future.
  • 1 h – BIM Marketing.
  • 1 h – BIM networking and brokering.
  • 30 min – A manufacturer’s Case Study.
  • 30 min – Project simulation.

BIM training consists of 12 hours, that can be distributed in 3 modules. One module per day.

BIM Training sessions are limited to 8 people in Bimetica´s installations, or a total of 22 people can be fitted in an online session.

Price does not include TAX. For more information call us at +34 932 267 322 or email us at

Marketing de componentes BIM para prescripción de productos en proyectos de construcción.

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