International BIM

Nowadays, the process of making a company international doest not only rely on exporting its services, investing abroad, searching for foreign partners, or setting up offices in a foreign country. It also depends on establishing a well coordinated online promotional campaign and communication channels.


BIM implementation in the world

Being online is fundamental in order to be a competitive at an international scope. This is why establishing a right strategy is a key to reaching construction industry professionals that are interested in the right services or products for their projects.

Internalization process is more effective when joined with new innovative technologies, that create an advantage over competitors and can offer a better quality service or products.

Being innovative with Building Iinformation Modeling technology, or BIM, on a line of products is added value to the company; making it more accesible for construction industry professionals to include their products on current projects.

Going international with BIM is a process with which a company promotes its products in BIM format through online means. Then, the available BIM products will be downloaded by professionals and included in projects in any part of the world.

By having BIM products available for downloading, professionals can make use of them to get to know products better and specify them on their projects. Including all technical and commercial information, through a BIM product, in a project increases project data, and once the project is ready with the best available products, contact will be made with the manufacturing company or its distributor.

International participation of manufacturing companies on a BIM project (BIM products and solutions).


Iinternationalization process through work by different professionals in a BIM project (Decisionmaking and specification of BIM products).


In other words, a professional is more likely to specify a product on a project when he has all the information readily available. A company who has this work took (BIM products) available to professionals has a greater chance of getting its products specified in projects.

Marketing de componentes BIM para prescripción de productos en proyectos de construcción.

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