Networking BIM between Manufacturers


The actual market, and business opportunities.

BIM implementation generates new business opportunities for companies, since collaborative work is the main characteristic of this technology.

The direct participation of manufacturing companies in BIM projects is becoming ever more frequent, as BIM allows them to offer specific solutions to each project case. This collaborative relationship is extended to manufacturing companies through their own products; working on their product’s BIM files to give a unique solution to each project.


This is another form of manufacturer participation in BIM, since it provides an opportunity to those companies that, given their product’s characteristics, cannot find accessible BIM application by themselves.

In other words, such companies have the need for their products to be joined with other products from other companies in order to be included in a BIM project.

This collaboration pursues two objectives. First, is to offer a BIM professional a solution to a project through a “Multilevel BIM product”, and second provokes “Team Marketing”, which generates greater brand promotion, produces savings in development costs, and gives access to wider audience and increase sales opportunities by teaming-up with other companies.

This type of collaboration is know as Team Marketing, or Networking BIM between Manufacturers, since it brings together manufacturing companies to increase their chances of including their product-brand in projects, therefore increasing sales possibilities.

BIM Networking Services.

The potential of BIM networking is centered on generating new partnerships, opening new markets, and reaching new clients through collaborations between companies.

Manufacturers in BIM offers a connection, or meeting, point between companies as a service. It is configured in a B2B (Business to Business) manner, by having a joint presentation and collaboration proposal made alongside the development of BIM files / catalogues for project use.

The service is based on three key points:

  • Our experience and positioning, at home and abroad, in the development of BIM catalogues.
  • Our list of product manufacturers.
  • Our database of BIM professionals, that generates feedback, proposals, and product requests.

The combination of these gives us insight into the needs of the current BIM market, and effectively advice for BIM networking.

We offer:

  • To bring about new business opportunities through strategic collaboration.
  • Get to know other manufacturers and their experience in the BIM market.
  • To learn and get specialized in BIM solutions.
  • Achieve greater visibility in the BIM market, and grow your contact network and potential clients.
objeto-bim-multinivel Multilevel BIM product

News: “BIM collaboration between manufacturers”.

Cortisa, Somfy, and Mermet, together with Bimetica, have jointly developed the BIM file for a Cotisa’s “Roll-up Curtain C14″.

The Roll-up curtain includes two other products: Somfy’s “Sonesse 40” motor, and Metmet’s “5500 Low E” Textile, These products are currently available for download together or separately.

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