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If your company already has a BIM catalogue, and would like to generate more business in niche markets, it can get it´s outmost performance by promoting it on the international platform that is Bimetica.com.

We are followed by more than 20.000 professional users, who download BIM files and also request content for their projects; this generates a direct business opportunity for a manufacturing company, since its products are to be specified in projects, and this heightens brand exposure and sales.

The WEB Services / BIM Hosting consist of:


Company Profile

Each company has an administrative account in Bimetica.com, where it can:

  • Manage company information.
  • Manage product information.
  • View product file downloads through our BIM analytics.
  • Have storage space on our BIM cloud. Size can be increased on demand.
  • Have access to Bimetica.com user manual.
  • Can access through any computer, tablet, or smart-phone.

Product profiles

Each company will have a profile on Bimetica.com corresponding to each of its products, be it by name or sku. The profile can include all information about the product, and it may be edited anytime if needed be.

The company can include it’s products BIM files as well as non-BIM files.


BIM Analytics and download system

Our system generated information about global downloads effected from all files available on product profiles. Such information includes:

  • How many times has a file from a product been downloaded.
  • Which file format has been downloaded.
  • Which construction industry discipline has downloaded which file.
  • The language that the downloaded file was in.
  • From which country the file was downloaded in. Depending on the country, cities will also be included.

Marketing de componentes BIM para prescripción de productos en proyectos de construcción.

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